The Composers Role

When creating the soundtrack for a film or video, the composer
has a critical role in determining the emotional content of a scene.


Music is incredibly powerful in influencing what we see. For example,it can
provide suspense, or it can create lightness for the same visual information.
For this reason, selecting a composer for a project is a crucial step.
The composer must be able understand what the essence of a scene is, and help render the vision of the producer / director in a supportive role. This is a process that requires careful communication as to what the idea is, and how to achieve the desired effect. The composer has to be open to ideas that are presented to him on both an intellectual level, and an intuitive level. Using words to describe music is not easy. Different people will describe the same music in very different ways. The composer must use skill and experience to process the input for a project. He must really listen to the client on many levels in order to put together a successful concept that can be rendered musically. Trust and responsibility are key issues in the dynamic between producer and composer. The producer is placing a huge responsibility in the hands of the composer and he has to be able to trust that this is not being taken lightly. He has to trust that the composer is committed to being a part of the team in terms of both the creative process, and the production schedule. When the chemistry is good, wonderful things happen. Ideas can come out that are a result of collective effort . Someone can inspire an idea that would have been overlooked by someone working alone. So the aspect of collaboration is an important concept that can make or break a project. Personal integrity in the creative process is paramount to this dynamic. Ideas must come not from ego, but from a genuine commitment to excellence.